Saturday, December 19, 2009

18th december

Major success stories for the day are from Bhimas travels guy and tweeting offer finalysed at Bliss and success at home and succesful tweets and responses and finally avn decors payment and sitting with 4 friends again.Proposal given to bhimas to that receptionist and response at Bhimas and information from Bliss about makemytrip.Another success is trazzlers bliss inclusion.New point of to have tons of patience levels.Bag and shoes need to be changed.Offer letter on the offing.Next time to be ready to grab unexpected oppourtunity.Called akka for MOM.Managed scooter repair.Manged dress wash.Travel writer lady web site is a new info.New info of twitter getting into fist place for many tweets.

Failures include disagreements with Ramoji and thulasis absense unable to attend changaiah and Ashwins calls.Scanner information,shoe problem.Chiranjeevis decicion seen.Evening energy levels failed to maintain.Evershines call?.


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