Wednesday, October 07, 2009

5th oct post

After a nice over night sleep morning as usual walked to seema centre area to have my morning tea and paper i was in a hurry to complete that letter pad work luckly inr met so with his help spell checking did and now mailer is ready.

Ater tiffen and bath i called my old friend dot net to complete that work i headed there but as he was not available so i had to wait after wait he came quickly with his help downloaded 2 logos from net and went to typist and completed that work but most of the morning work got cafe i have seen Shilpa the waiting i planned few advanced things for mailer.

Now that mailer a great arrow or new weapon is with me now i must make use of this faster to come out of problems.

with giri we headed to work and met few people and during work i briefed him before this disturbance got from seenaih about my photo on letter pad.giris contribution continued again.

Today i had phone calls from jana,rafi,padmakar,kamalakar and message from gandhi that intesresting.
Day was very hot with lot of sweating so by evening i was terribly evening during net read the blog of ryan and enjoyed it one day i will also bea a great writer.

going back to my room with water was very heavy and tiredsome.


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