Sunday, April 12, 2009

sunday 12 th april post

Unexpected thing of the day is Most of Tirupati hoardings surbey did.
Morning participated in prarapa and met that guy old rep at nellore(ramesh) and few others met gave 500 to jana and total day got hayware as i failed to manage only few things for the day.Received 100 new visitng cards for vetuku press.created new mailer for veduku at waiting for prarapa rally and avoided free lunch.

Unable to read the news papers at home met mom and discussed few things manged to pay pending bills at cafe and that scan of vedeo loaded.failure at victory ? in 2 took 45 minutes to read eeenadu alone.some how managed yet another cool day.managed few cloths wash.purce cleaning did at home.

set alight failure legs problem and loneliness continued in evening.water droplets disturabance and no blanket also disturbed.poor narial failure ?
at room many things kept at boz and organised.surprisingly movie was changed at srinivasa theatre.failed to call m p contestant vara prasad.


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