Thursday, April 02, 2009

2 nd april post

managed to send Chandra to venkatesh.Manged supply of lamination.managed 10 more mailers.No news from thulasi.7 news papers for the day read,again new problem at home noted.Manged to attend Prarapa meeting.Again new development at home for room.manged to wash 3 pairs.logged up with Venkatesh but successful with experience.failed to post blog manged it in night wished many thru messages.Vamsi met at chat.Surendra from hyd called and his guidance also noted.
watchmans family rush to My room for that birth day names??.New people got introduced at Kotha street.Byke petrol problem noted.
Gave janardhan book and pen.Murali vanished at evening triggered unhappyness.

At news papers Pic s effect(to show that they had supported chairanjeevi) noted and accordingly had Pics coverage at canvassing programme.
2 new buiscuits pockets.Huge rally of Bhumana karunakar reddy.Eenaadu total against of Congress.Bramha reddy responce from nellore for Eenadu ad gave happiness.Eenadu guy shown bangalore ad.for the first time vararasad m.p contestant for tirupati seen canvassing.

1 st april news

Nice jolt of eenadu with April news Joke.whats that New sence of Pilgrims at Koneti katta??.At last tie ups are successful for TDP with TRS.Much of the waiting at home but atlast got ok nod.Muralis payments at home got settled.Byke parking problem at tea shop.#0 xerox and new stamps managed.Phone to Y2k from home.Call from naresh.New unexpected headache from Syams call.

MOstly time is idling...with me...i need to terget minimum 5000 crore pathis in india may be they are political people thats new flash for the day.Morning to home.

No one can cover all news of world.morning new bouncer at dr sipayi subramanyam.managed few with thulasi too.manged Ennadu ad with ads guy.vetuku paper plan.called Pawar,Seenaiah,saveer,.Making a book of prarapa.With jana had pic of MP aspirant.


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