Sunday, March 29, 2009

28th March Post

Chiranjeevi was happy with Rail as logo Junior NTR critically injury is another top jolt to TDP.Nominations for elections have began in andhra pradesh.

main development of the day for me is net is arranged at office. Day started with white dress for Yoga.Manged to send 13 mailers to tirupati with Ramojis help.Very promising point for the day is Price tag idea.Wooden partition of ankama rao got.Pics of Vuka Vijaya Kumar got.heavy rush at Govinda raja swamy temple seen.Kondapalli bmmalu seen.good respect at victory.Managed to give Jyothi and Eenadu ads,pillow cover,Blanket etc.2 more new news papers also dynamics of Jans appointment as official representative.

Distubances for the dy including bypassing of team Ankama Raos threat and room disturbance,Cash depletion thulasis continued absence.kondapalli bommalu,Bouncer at tarbuja, totally faiked at home.


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