Saturday, March 28, 2009

27th march post

Chiranjeevi released his first list of candidates for elections he has gained much confidence as its evident on his speech.Ugadi celebrated.TDP still looks to be having tieup hickups.

Mor at yaoga new things learnt God sankalpa balam,all news papers purchased new confidence chandra and his daughter came to Koneti katta.after this at his home special coffee cups and arragements seen.At room wages calculations and jana knowledge noted.Stamps preparation and help by murali Wages calaculation did.Marg followup did.At cafe new chance for Saibaba lamination noted few more scannings posted.

Spoons and dress purchased and tabs,Janardhans interest in politics SFM ugadi celebrations with press card new elepahnt to room.few more needy things for purchased.

Minam pitchaiah death story by kistaiah and finally with Murali and venkatesh and lastly watchmans discussions noted.


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