Wednesday, March 25, 2009

24 th march post

That dress effect at Koneti katta and smoke problem and repeated missed calls from that lucky resulted in firing him Buiscuits and dog effect at TTD ad buildings mamas call failed to meet expectation at Viswashanti and fired them on the spot.
No lunch and finally decided to buy computer many things could not be completed due to waiting for computer etc.Tremendous responce for prarapa blog seen.

Gandhi came to chat and his guidance noted.Mor peeta purchased met munawwer and also managed to get Sample pieces from Vasu and followup of Lmainations did.How to control eyes New info thru Books at Balaji computers of SKF yellowpages and Balija cate book at janardhans home.Aim of Bhawana noted.Some what response of ads noted and could not mange to attend people at office.New book of SKF also purchased.Vasthu discussion at table were things of the day.

Hit list for Viswasanti marg group:
dr pasupuleti
dr sipayi subra
other doctors
big Educationalists and nellore reddys and Udayathamana ticket holders,Industrilists,Actors,Anil amnabi,Amitabh,ttd trust board members,Donors of lord balaji,mallya,Neduru malli,those dubai sea investors,gmr vasavi,grandhi,political leaders,nris?richest Indians,Gali Janrdhan reddy,Katta subra that bangalore printer,Liquor tycoons,big sports persons,


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