Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2nd March,3rd march postes

Missed to post yesterday anyway 2 nd march eve met Kattula Sudhakar and his support and exposure in hotel industry noted.Scanned images rate problem with Chiranjeevi sorted out.Few more posts organised at prajarajyam blog.R k jewellery failed.With jana help at site developed.Most of the dailies read.

Evening Coverage of Prajarajyam gadapa-gadapa programme samplngs collected.Laxmi srinivasa problem completed.Loaded few more pic sto prarapa blog.Got muni subramanyam pics and bio data.feather lite company info noted.Grandworld failed.calls from murali and mk many things organised at room.Election sehedule dates info read.Kiran roayal surprised at his ad postings.


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