Saturday, February 07, 2009

6th feb post (paint blog like a picture)

Morning met that writer(forgot his name totally) at sai chai cafe he guided me to involve people and give responsibility(and also have one spiritual magazyne) his cell:99636-50545, after this in hurried state i had "hair cutting" there was no power then to nanda room from there afer calling few people to net cafe had small chat with thulasi also posted few things at net she left so suddenly then i went to "Suguna Motors met Murthy shown him small AN piece then after coming to nanda tried to call few more people including Kvn,Gandhi, and few more people.

Due to heavy back pain i was forced to take rest at nanda for some time after Komala meals duggireddy bramha reddy joined me i filled his andhra bank form and afetr he left some rest suddenly i decided to leave nellore then some how managed that heavy Luggage travel was boring even with Chirutha movie... after reaching tirupati called watchman Bhupaiah but his wife received it and she helped me to take that weight. Afetr this i have seen huge gathering at koneti katta thern area and parcellled food and also had Fish and Leg piece seen clever playing of Dog enroute..then came back to Krishna compleB had chat with bhupaiah gave him one TTD diary he exposed his insecurity too but took advantage of "free ruled papers" anyway i had mixed results for the day.


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